Future Labs, Automation & Technology Summit West 2024 Speakers

Dominic Clark of Pfizer speaking at AMG World

Dominic Clark

Senior Director, Digital Client Partner, R&D/Oncology


Mike Berke of Amgen speaking at AMG World

Mike Berke

Director - Research and Automation Technologies


Anusha Chaparala of IMCS speaking at AMG World

Anusha Chaparala

Regional Technical Sales Manager - US West


Stephen Tierney of XiltriX North America speaking at AMG World

Stephen Tierney


XiltriX North America

Rachael Cohen of Prime Medicine speaking at AMG World

Rachael Cohen

Associate Director: Plate Based Assays and Lab Automation

Prime Medicine

Dragan Djordjevic of Takeda speaking at AMG World

Dragan Djordjevic

Director, ML & Digital CMC Cell Therapy Cell Therapy Development & Automation


Burkhard Schaefer of Splashlake speaking at AMG World

Burkhard Schaefer

Managing Director


Jesse Mayer of Automata Technologies speaking at AMG World

Jesse Mayer

Senior Field Applications Scientist

Automata Technologies

Dr Peter Maier of Splashlake speaking at AMG World

Dr Peter Maier

Head of Global Sales


Catherine Heywood of FL97 – Flagship Pioneering speaking at AMG World

Catherine Heywood

Senior Principal Engineer, Automation Lead

FL97 – Flagship Pioneering

Mitch Adler of Spaero Bio speaking at AMG World

Mitch Adler


Spaero Bio

Jesse Mulcahy of Cellino speaking at AMG World

Jesse Mulcahy

Director, Head of Automation


Cindy Novak of Avidity Biosciences speaking at AMG World

Cindy Novak

Associate Director R&D Systems

Avidity Biosciences

Nont Kosaisawe of Genentech speaking at AMG World

Nont Kosaisawe

Senior Systems Specialist


Ilja Kusters of Generate Biomedicines speaking at AMG World

Ilja Kusters

Associate Director, Assay Automation & Qualification

Generate Biomedicines

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