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Complimentary Article: Developing the Next Generation of Data-Driven Smart Labs

At our 2022 Developing the Next Generation of Agile, Dynamic, Data-Driven Smart Labs Virtual Roundtable, lab automation experts debated and discussed the advantages, barriers, and strategies to unlock the true value of digitally optimized scientific labs. In this complimentary article, discover how to leverage digital tools, transition from manual to automated workflows, and harness data… Read more »

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Complimentary Interview: Accomplishing Lab Digitalisation

Ahead of the 2021 Summit, we shared this complimentary interview featuring GSK, AstraZeneca and BMS as they explore the phases, considerations and elements which must be balanced to accelerate the transition towards Lab 4.0 View the interview to discover: The Importance of digital strategy, culture & mindset Key considerations to develop universal data standards How… Read more »

How to Achieve Lab 4.0 in 2022

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