A tailored online approach to year-round brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership

AMG World is a global business intelligence company that accelerates the performance of individuals and organizations by facilitating interactive learning experiences.


Our reputation is built on our ability to support and connect influential business leaders through world-class events and digital products.


With customer centricity at the core, we tailor our event formats to suit the unique specifications of our clients. We are not just a face-to-face company, taking our unique formats and recreating them within a virtual environment.  


Our dedicated team of in-house production, content and marketing specialists use their expertise to ensure all event themes and topics are current, aligned to business objectives and actively promote problem solving. 

Our Virtual Events are designed for:

Senior Level Industry Leaders: High-level executives with the desire to expand their learning, solve common industry problems and identify external solutions to support their business objectives. 


Solution Providers: Innovative suppliers looking to establish and nurture relationships with senior level industry leaders, generate leads and increase awareness of their brand, products, and services.

Our audience

Our online events are tailored to the needs of our clients and their target audience through a wide range of bespoke packages. Using a combination of internal and external marketing campaigns, we leverage vast data sets across multiple sectors at a global level. 

Key verticals:

Industry 4.0
Oil & Gas
Life Sciences
Supply Chain
Corporate Learning
Customer Experience
Cyber Security
Transport and Infrastructure

We have a wealth of experience creating and delivering B2B discussions across a wide range of formats. 

If your goal is to increase brand visibility, generate leads or boost sales, it is critical that we understand your primary objectives and tailor the online event strategy and virtual format to meet those needs. 

Virtual roundtables:

Facilitated by an industry expert, our virtual roundtable discussions offer a unique approach to online learning where participants get together in an informal, virtual setting to examine issues related to their sector and their roles. 

Industry Virtual Roundtable:

Open discussion to showcase solutions and expertise through a live, online, interactive, and collaborative webinar.

Private Virtual Roundtable:

Invite-only, closed-door discussion exclusively hosted by an industry solution provider.

Virtual Pre-scheduled One-to-One Business Meetings

Just like a face-to-face meeting, our online version connects buyers and sellers by making formal introductions and creating a platform for discussion.


Our custom webinars enable you to engage with a captive audience, promoting thought leadership, brand awareness and generating leads through content promotion. Our webinars offer the opportunity to share a case study presentation with an audience of engaged listeners in a live environment. 

Benefits of Virtual Events:

  • A virtual environment which removes the cost and time challenges associated with travel and other expenses
  • Multiple formats available which are all tailored to your specific marketing and business development objectives
  • Live environments which enable greater and faster connections with customers and prospects
  • Establish your organization as a thought leader, improve brand strategy and enhance customer experience
  • Fast, reliable, and valuable data insights that are easier to collect and analyze, enabling you to measure the overall success of your virtual event
  • Unlimited global potential to boost the value of networking opportunities from anywhere, with anyone, from across the globe
  • Reusable content that allows you share your message multiple times throughout the year, at any time, giving you ultimate flexibility