Future Labs, Automation & Technology Summit West 2023 Speakers

Justin Provchy of Terray Therapeutics speaking at AMG World

Justin Provchy

Director of Automation

Terray Therapeutics

Cindy Novak of Avidity Biosciences speaking at AMG World

Cindy Novak

Associate Director R&D Systems

Avidity Biosciences

Amandeep Nijjar of Cytokinetics speaking at AMG World

Amandeep Nijjar

Associate Director, Sample Management


Anusha Chaparala of IMCS speaking at AMG World

Anusha Chaparala

Regional Technical Sales Manager - US West


Arthur Escobar of Harbinger-Health speaking at AMG World

Arthur Escobar

Senior Automation Engineer


Liam Robinson of Stanford University speaking at AMG World

Liam Robinson

Director of Facilities Operations

Stanford University

Mostafa Bagheri of Johnson & Johnson speaking at AMG World

Mostafa Bagheri

Sr. Robotics & Control Engineer

Johnson & Johnson

Tauseef Anwar of Roche speaking at AMG World

Tauseef Anwar

Lead Engineering Specialist


Mike Berke of Amgen speaking at AMG World

Mike Berke

Director - Research and Automation Technologies


Nont Kosaisawe of Genentech speaking at AMG World

Nont Kosaisawe

Senior Systems Specialist


Kelcy Newell of AstraZeneca speaking at AMG World

Kelcy Newell

Senior Director, Robotics and Automation Development


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