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Sarma Garimella

I had a great time meeting , sharing and discussing among experienced and talented professionals on mutual interest topics of Downstream/Automation & Project execution

Michael Hallgarth

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and the great dialogue from those attending

Jennifer Love

Great experience.  As a vendor was able to make many connections

Austin Hodge

I enjoyed all the networking of the day and room layouts.  By having a discussion – focused day in round tables, it forces folks to get to know each other

George Robertson

As usual at these events, I learned new things and was challenged in my preconceptions

George Robertson

The event was like an open work session with various experts in the industry. No sitting and agonizing over power point slides, but rolling up our sleeves and working on real problems with real experts and peers.  Very synergistic and well worth the time invested. The Well Site Automation Conference have enabled me to be… Read more »

Owen Skjonsby

The format of the Future Wellsite Automation Summit was a great experience.  I enjoyed seeing E&P companies as well as vendors all working towards the common goal of solving automation concerns throughout the industry.

Mark Scantlebury

The Future Well Site Automation Summit brought together a number of technology leaders to share problems, solutions and experiences for the betterment of the industry.  It’s events like this that will increase the pace of technology innovation in the oilfield.