.Month: August 2022

Complimentary Article: 4 Perspectives on the Future of Lab Facilities

Ahead of the Lab Facilities Summit on 23 March in Boston, we are delighted to share an interview with four of our expert speakers from Moderna, Lyndra Therapeutics, Genentech and Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami. Complete the form to gain a cross-departmental perspective on how organizations are creating lab facilities of the future,… Read more »

Complimentary Article: Facilitating the Transition Towards Industry 4.0

Ahead of the Smart Manufacturing for Food & Beverage Summit, we spoke to Digital Transformation experts from Kellogg’s and Danone to discuss what they believe Smart Manufacturing means for the F&B sector, and how to identify and overcome the biggest barriers preventing the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. Complete the form to gain access to… Read more »

Identifying Astronaut Medication Needs Using AI/ML

Astronauts’ medical needs are significantly different to many of our own, owing to their unique environment. Unique challenges including disrupted sleep cycles, constant weightlessness, and radiation can all affect their health. With space travel on the rise, and new explorations to Mars and beyond in the pipeline, how can we ensure astronaut’s health needs are… Read more »