Todd Cummings


Monin Americas



Todd Cummings holds the esteemed position of Chief Information Officer at Monin Americas, where he’s dedicated the past 20 years to pivotal roles since embarking on his journey in 2004. Fueled by a fervent enthusiasm for fusing technology with business strategies, Todd has been a guiding force in steering the brand through the multifaceted landscape of digital transformation.

In his capacity as CIO, he champions the unification of cross-disciplinary teams, spearheading initiatives that foster alignment, mutual understanding, and innovative solutions pivotal to propelling the organization forward. His tenure at Monin has seen the successful introduction of numerous tech advancements including the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, WMS, CRM, Global delivery of Office 365, Monin Intranet, Targit Business Intelligence Software, development of the Monin custom recipe database, all contributing significantly to the company’s value and operational efficiency.

Todd’s professional path commenced in the field of engineering, swiftly transitioning as he discovered a more profound calling within IT—a domain where his inventiveness could truly shine through the conception of robust, integrated systems that enhance business productivity and value. His inventive prowess is evident in the diverse data base applications he brought to life for industry giants like Honeywell and American Tower Consulting. Additionally, his expertise has benefited the Duval County School Board through his consulting acumen.

Beyond the confines of the office, Todd is a recognized figure in the tech community both locally and nationally. His past presidency of the Tampa NAV User Group culminated in receiving the prestigious Sapphire Award in 2018. He actively engages with the tech community as an Executive Member of Gartner and maintains a solid affiliation with the Bay Area Manufacturing Association (BAMA).

Within Monin Americas, Todd’s influence extends to strategic decision-making as an integral part of the Monin Americas Strategic Team, contributing to critical discussions and determinations surrounding strategic capital allocations. His holistic approach to technology, leadership, and community engagement underscores his commitment to both organizational and industry-wide progress.

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