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Optimizing Organizational Efficiency, Workforce Transformation and Data-Driven Decisions through Technology

27 March 2024

Chicago, IL, USA

Integrating smart technology within food and beverage manufacturing enables reduced production costs of up to 40% whilst simultaneously enhancing product quality and boosting safety standards across the plant.

However, manufacturers are yet to fully realize the potential of manufacturing technologies due to uncertainty surrounding ROI, internal resistance to change, and the need for a top-down strategic approach.

Unite with industry 4.0 leaders in Chicago to uncover key trends, strategies, and solutions to accelerate your smart manufacturing journey and improve food safety, overcome workforce shortages, and meet increasing demand.

Food & Beverage Industry 4.0 Expert 2024 Speakers

Philip Salwasser of Dairy Farmers of America speaking at AMG World

Philip Salwasser

Senior Manager of Operational Technology

Dairy Farmers of America

Todd Cummings of Monin Americas speaking at AMG World

Todd Cummings


Monin Americas

Roshni Desai of Ferrero speaking at AMG World

Roshni Desai

Manufacturing CoE Specialist


Jon Atienza of The Coca-Cola Company speaking at AMG World

Jon Atienza

Sr. Manager Intelligent Automation

The Coca-Cola Company

David Mendoza of Kraft Heinz speaking at AMG World

David Mendoza

Staff Data Scientist

Kraft Heinz

Jeremy Cole of Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health speaking at AMG World

Jeremy Cole

Regional Production Excellence Leader

Cargill Animal Nutrition & Health

Stephen Gnidovec of Ingredion speaking at AMG World

Stephen Gnidovec

Manager, Global Supply Chain Analytics


Angela Reamer of Monin Americas speaking at AMG World

Angela Reamer

Vice President Of Manufacturing

Monin Americas

Chavis Ferguson of Coast Packing Company speaking at AMG World

Chavis Ferguson

Executive VP of Operations

Coast Packing Company

Chris O’Clair of Sun-Maid Growers of California speaking at AMG World

Chris O’Clair

Packaging Engineering Manager

Sun-Maid Growers of California

Scott Burkey of WestRock speaking at AMG World

Scott Burkey

Technology Fellow, XR


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Attending this event will enable you to:

• Explore emerging case studies and real-world success stories to develop your smart manufacturing roadmap and revolutionize food & beverage manufacturing

• Unlock the value of industry 4.0 technologies including IoTPredictive Maintenance, Data & Analytics, Robotics, AI, ML, and Immersive Technology to minimize downtimes, accelerate production, increase safety, enhance quality, and increase efficiency

• Develop effective talent attraction and retention strategies to overcome labor shortages within the manufacturing industry

• Navigate the complex vendor landscape to identify and select technology vendors that best align with your organizational objectives and capabilities

Who Should Attend:

Smart Manufacturing for Food & Beverage is designed for VP’s, Directors, Heads and Managers from:

  • Process Control/ Process Automation
  • Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0/ Digital Manufacturing
  • Operational Technology
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Analytics/ Manufacturing Operations
  • Digital Innovation/ Digital Strategy/ Digital Transformation
  • Power Controls / Information Systems
  • Robotics/ IIoT & Connected Devices
  • Data/ AI Strategy / ML
  • Emerging Technology
  • Digital Supply Chain / Supply Chain Innovation

Our sponsors include technology, service & solution providers specializing in:

  • IIoT
  • Big Data, AI, ML, Analytics
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Autonomous Mobility  / AGV’s
  • AR/VR
  • Smart Sensors / Advanced Sensors
  • Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • PLC
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Recipe Management Tools
  • Mobile Devices
  • Integrators

2024 Sponsors

Get in touch to be positioned as an industry expert amongst the most prominent and influential players in the development of IoT, AI and Machine Learning.


Senior Process Control and Automation, Cargill

I liked the format with a mix of presentations and roundtables and the panel discussion at the end.

Global Director and Head of Data Sciences, Mars

The event was well conducted, and I had a great time networking with some high calibre practitioners. I found that a lot of the attendees resonated with the presentation because they are facing similar issues. Most conversations I had at lunch and even in the panels were around scaling technology effectively. Some great takeaways for me and I hope I added value to everyone else’s experience.

Senior BRM/FRM, Business Process Automation, Nestlé

The opportunity to exchange experience and get to meet peers and learn from each other is invaluable.

Technology Fellow, XR

I do like that you keep the pace up. The quick cadence of the day is good. Very organized also. Food was good. Venue was good. Thank you for the coffee and pastries and lunch. Very nice touch. You do a lot it seems for your sponsors. Good visibility.

SICK Sensor Intelligence

Thanks for putting together an excellent event. Happy to participate!

National Key Account Manager / SICK Sensor Intelligence


It was a great conversation.

Senior BRM/FRM Business Process Automation / Nestle

Kellogg’s Company

Thanks a lot, honored to participate.

Industry 4.0 Development Led / Kellogg's Company


"Excellent forum and thanks to all of the panellists for your perspective and insights. Great event."

Enterprise Account Executive / Zaptic


"It was a pleasure to participate and I hope our panel discussion was insightful to the attendees!"

Director Operational Technology / SugarCreek

Content Highlights

Preparing Your Data Infrastructure for AI Integration in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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Smart Manufacturing for Food & Beverage Sponsorship Pack

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