Stephen Gnidovec

Manager, Global Supply Chain Analytics



With over a decade of experience in Data, I specialize in transforming the way businesses use data for strategic advantage. My journey began in the health field before I then transitioned into the food manufacturing sector, where I led a groundbreaking data digital transformation at my company.

For the past seven years, my focus has been on leveraging analytics within the Supply Chain function, specifically North America then Global Supply Chains with a focus in S&OP. My expertise also extends to Quality, Finance, Continuous Improvement, and Operations functions.

In addition to my corporate roles, I teach multiple courses in a Master of Data Science and Analytics program. My courses are tailored to bridge the gap between Data and Business, providing a holistic understanding that serves both technical and strategic needs.

I firmly believe in letting the data tell the story and consider a solid analytical foundation to be the cornerstone of any data-centric organization.

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