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Leveraging Disruptive Technology to Revolutionize Life Science Manufacturing, Processing and Supply

23 May 2023

Handlery Hotel San Diego, CA, USA

The Smart  Manufacturing Pharma West has already taken place. Visit  our website or email for more info on other events of interest.

Increasing global demand for accessible, equitable, and high-quality medicine is driving Pharma and Biotech manufacturers to embrace digitalization and Pharma 4.0 initiatives.

 Developing a connected, data-led, technology-supported approach is essential to future proof life science manufacturing, whilst enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, and guaranteeing long term ROI. However, digital immaturity combined with the challenges associated with managing resources, risk, mindset, and legacy systems, prevents manufacturers from achieving digital transformation at pace

Join industry experts in May to collaboratively discuss, share insights, and gain the necessary tools to  streamline your transition towards the smart manufacturing facilities of the future.

Smart Manufacturing for Pharma 2023 Expert Speakers

Michael Cross of Xiltrix speaking at AMG World

Michael Cross

Business Development Director


Rob Briggs of KBI Biopharma speaking at AMG World

Rob Briggs

Senior Manager, IT Manufacturing Execution Systems

KBI Biopharma

Zack Gendron of ElevateBio speaking at AMG World

Zack Gendron

Associate Director, Automation Information Systems


Mike Cody of Zaether speaking at AMG World

Mike Cody

Director Digital & Clinical Manufacturing


Scott Brown of Andelyn Biosciences speaking at AMG World

Scott Brown

Architect, Connected Plant

Andelyn Biosciences

Jeet Sarkar of Center for Breakthrough Medicines speaking at AMG World

Jeet Sarkar

Vice President, Head of IT

Center for Breakthrough Medicines

Carla Luciani of Vertex Pharmaceuticals speaking at AMG World

Carla Luciani

Senior Director, Engineering and Material Sciences

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Shanu Shah of CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals speaking at AMG World

Shanu Shah

Director of Automation Engineering

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

Peri Subrahmanya of Bayer Pharmaceuticals speaking at AMG World

Peri Subrahmanya

Principal Engineer

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

John Fallon of FoxGuard Solutions speaking at AMG World

John Fallon

Cyber Security Account Executive

FoxGuard Solutions

Henny Hampton of Merck speaking at AMG World

Henny Hampton

Associate Director, Data & Manufacturing Operations,


Arul Joseph PhD MBA of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies speaking at AMG World

Arul Joseph PhD MBA

Senior Director, CMC Pharmaceutical Development

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Eric Sacia of AbbVie speaking at AMG World

Eric Sacia

Principal Research Scientist


Bryan Holmes of Andelyn Biosciences speaking at AMG World

Bryan Holmes


Andelyn Biosciences

The summit will enable you to:

    • Develop and execute Smart Manufacturing strategies and pharma 4.0 initiatives that accelerate the journey towards technologically optimized, efficient life science manufacturing and supply operations
    • Identify and select the latest technology innovations, and define suitable use cases for deployment of digital tools that drive life science manufacturing optimization


    • Gain a granular understanding of manufacturing assets, processes and operations with improved connectivity that enhances business intelligence, actionable insights for improved decision-making
    • Define your automation strategy, benchmark progress, and align stakeholders for a streamlined and cohesive journey towards developing smart, connected, factories of the future

Who the summit is designed for:

C Suite, VP’s, Presidents, Heads, Directors, Team Leaders and Senior Scientists from:

    • Manufacturing / Smart Manufacturing / Manufacturing Science & Technology
    • Smart Factory / Digital Factory / Connected Plant
    • Pharma 4.0 / Industry 4.0
    • Automation / Robotics / Emerging Technology / Enabling Technology
    • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
    • Process Control / Process Development / Process Engineering / Process Optimization
    • Plant / Facilities / Site
    • Digital Transformation / Digitalization / Digital Strategy / Digital Innovation
    • Data Science / Analytics / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
    • Data Management, Data Governance & Data Science
    • Engineering / Maintenance / Reliability
    • IT / IT Infrastructure
    • Operational Excellence / Manufacturing Excellence / Continuous Improvement /
      Quality Assurance / Quality Control
    • Supply Chain

Our sponsors, technology & solution providers include:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Automation / Robotics
  • IIoT Devices / Sensors / Software / Platforms
  • Data Capture / Storage / Transfer / Security
  • IT / Infrastructure Connectivity
  • Data Science / AI / ML / Advanced Analytics
  • Digital Twins / Modeling / Simulation / Visualization
  • Cloud / Cloud Applications / Cloud Computing
  •  Emerging Technology / Immersive Technology / Wearables / AR / VR / XR (Extended Reality)
  • Integrators

Smart Manufacturing for Pharma West 2023 Sponsors

Get in touch to be positioned as an industry expert amongst the most prominent and influential players in the development of IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

Media Partners


CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

Thanks for having me on the panel! I had great conversations and discussions. Looking forward to meeting again.

Shanu Shah
Director of Automation Engineering / CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

LTI 2022 West Sponsor

We had a great time sharing and discussing the latest IoT trends in the pharma manufacturing sector at the IoT and Smart Pharma Summit 2022. The summit featured conversations that are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward.

LTI Mind Tree


What a great event to be part of!


West 2022 Siemens

We were very impressed with the organization your team did to organize such an important event at a critical location for business development.

West 2022 AM Testimonial

Thanks for hosting us last week at San Diego, was great meeting in person!

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