Smart Manufacturing for Aerospace & Defense 2023 Expert Speakers

Bharath Rao of Spirit Aerosystems speaking at AMG World

Bharath Rao

Senior Research Lead, Robotics/AI

Spirit Aerosystems

Karina Corkum of Northrop Grumman speaking at AMG World

Karina Corkum

Technical Fellow & Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing Strategy

Northrop Grumman

Josef Kriegmair of MTU Aero Engines speaking at AMG World

Josef Kriegmair

Representative Industrialization Production Systems

MTU Aero Engines

Marvin Vincent of Moog speaking at AMG World

Marvin Vincent

PLM Business Analyst


Sung Kim of iBASEt speaking at AMG World

Sung Kim

Chief Product and Technology Officer


Alice de Casanove of Airbus speaking at AMG World

Alice de Casanove

Corporate Strategy


Jan de Nijs of Lockheed Martin speaking at AMG World

Jan de Nijs

LM Fellow

Lockheed Martin

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