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Driving Business Value through Industry 4.0 Initiatives: Selection, Implementation, Integration and Scalability

1 April 2025

Chicago, IL, USA

Amidst the rising tide of material and labor costs, organizations are doubling down on investments in smart factory initiatives to gain a competitive edge.

However, navigating this transformative journey requires vision to manage uncertainty, overcome workforce shortages, and ultimately scale smart technologies.

Join smart manufacturing experts in Chicago to address common challenges, benchmark your industry 4.0 strategy and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Expert Smart Factories 2024 Speakers

Maria S. Araujo of Johnson & Johnson speaking at AMG World

Maria S. Araujo

Director, Engineering Fellow, Advanced Technology Strategy & Transformation

Johnson & Johnson

Bradley Bishop of John Deere speaking at AMG World

Bradley Bishop

Smart Connected Factory Program Lead

John Deere

Simon Jacobson of Gartner speaking at AMG World

Simon Jacobson

VP, Research


Dr Heitor Cauneto of Bunge speaking at AMG World

Dr Heitor Cauneto

Global Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation (Operations 4.0) Sr. Director


Anthony Huffman of Koch Industries speaking at AMG World

Anthony Huffman

Enterprise Architecture Strategist, Industry 4.0

Koch Industries

Steve Glor of IDEXX Laboratories speaking at AMG World

Steve Glor

Associate Director, Digital Innovation and Smart Manufacturing

IDEXX Laboratories

Ron Norris of Georgia-Pacific LLC speaking at AMG World

Ron Norris

Director Innovation

Georgia-Pacific LLC

Scott Tankersley of American Honda speaking at AMG World

Scott Tankersley

Manufacturing Digital Transformation – Smart Factory IT Large Project Lead

American Honda

Jim Walters of  speaking at AMG World

Jim Walters

Global Aerospace Director for Valuechain Technology Ltd and Managing Director for DNAam Ltd

Jan de Nijs of Lockheed Martin speaking at AMG World

Jan de Nijs

LM Fellow

Lockheed Martin

Maria Steel of Stratus Technologies speaking at AMG World

Maria Steel

Business Development Manager

Stratus Technologies

Marie Alexander of Vision Intelligence speaking at AMG World

Marie Alexander


Vision Intelligence

Hao Dinh of Enpro speaking at AMG World

Hao Dinh

Vice President Of Technology


Patrick Tew of MakinaRocks speaking at AMG World

Patrick Tew

Senior Account Executive


Dawn Zhu of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC speaking at AMG World

Dawn Zhu

Director of Innovation

Alliance Laundry Systems LLC

Keaton Olund of DocuPhase speaking at AMG World

Keaton Olund

Automation Expert


Brandon Ruiz of EMQ Technologies speaking at AMG World

Brandon Ruiz

Product Marketing Manager

EMQ Technologies

Sam Nafziger of Gripple USA speaking at AMG World

Sam Nafziger

IT Manager

Gripple USA

Austin Ulerick of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America speaking at AMG World

Austin Ulerick

Senior Engineer - Stamping

Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America

John Dyck of CESMII speaking at AMG World

John Dyck



Kristen M. Pope of Women in Manufacturing Association speaking at AMG World

Kristen M. Pope

South Houston Regional Director - Texas Chapter

Women in Manufacturing Association

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This summit will provide you with the necessary tools to:

    • Navigate the IoT, AI/ML, Predictive Maintenance, Automation, Robotics, VR/ AR, and Cloud vendor landscape to identify and select technology solutions that best align with your organizational objectives and capabilities
    • Ensure the equilibrium between adopting new technologies at pace and guaranteeing a return on investment
    • Uncover insights to future-proof your supply chain whilst ensuring sustainability, and flexibility
    • Foster collaboration between IT and OT departments and secure buy-in from top-level executives for Industry 4.0 initiatives
    • Create an appealing and engaging workplace for digital-native employees entering the workforce to overcome labor attraction and retention challenges 

Who you will meet:

VP’s, Directors, Global Heads and Managers of:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent Automation / Manufacturing Automation
  • Smart Manufacturing / Digital Manufacturing / Advanced Manufacturing
  • Smart Factory Initiatives
  • Manufacturing Operations / Engineering /  IT
  • IoT & Connected Devices
  • Data / AI / ML / Manufacturing Analytics
  • Robotics & Process Automation 
  • Digital Transformation
  • Smart Plant Management & Operations

Our sponsors, technology & solution providers include:

  • IIoT
  • Big Data, AI, ML, Analytics
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Mobile Devices / Digital Applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • AR/VR
  • Autonomous Mobility / AGV’s
  • Smart Sensors / Advanced Sensors
  • Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) / PLC
  • Predictive Maintenance / Condition based monitoring tools

What Industries Attend the Smart Factories Summit?

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The Smart Manufacturing Technology vendor landscape is vast. New entrants are innovating rapidly. It is therefore a prerequisite that solution providers acquire a granular understanding of the industry’s needs in order to develop those bespoke solutions that are critical to winning new business.

Showcase your technology solutions to senior decision makers across roles in industry 4.0, manufacturing technology, and data & analytics.

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Smart Factories Summit Testimonials

Executive Director/CEO, WCMP

Your gatherings are always interesting because they do not reward passivity. Everyone is expected to actively participate and (usually) the leaders are there to learn as well. It makes for a very interesting day.

Enterprise Architecture Strategist, Industry 4.0, Koch Industries

I thought the event was very valuable. One of the best I’ve attended. The conversations I had with several of the attendees either reinforced our transformation efforts or educated us on better ways.

Technology Fellow, XR, WestRock

I do like that you keep the pace up. The quick cadence of the day is good. Very organized also. Food was good. Venue was good. Thank you for the coffee and pastries and lunch. Very nice touch. You do a lot it seems for your sponsors. Good visibility.

Mark Collman

The Future Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit was an extremely well run event, with great facilitators and good engagement across a number of manufacturers

Mark Collman
Global Automation Lead, / Newell Brands

Shaw Industries

An excellent way to interface with industry and discuss common struggles and solutions. You find tools and tricks in every single session

Kallin Kurtz
Strategic Automation Director, / Shaw Industries

Rhett Dickinson

The Smart Manufacturing & Automation Summit provided great insight into smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. The sponsors were  extremely knowledgeable and engaged. I will take the insights back to my company as we continue to implement our IIOT strategy

Senior Manager – Manufacturing Systems / Newell Brands

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