The Future of Pharma Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Leading pharma organizations are leveraging emerging technologies such as edge computing, 5G, IoT tracking sensors, and predictive maintenance to optimize their manufacturing operations. In this panel discussion, smart manufacturing leaders will explore the latest technologies and strategies to develop your Pharma 4.0 roadmap.

View the recording and discover:

• How far has IoT in pharma manufacturing come, how is it currently being leveraged and how far does IoT have to go?
• What can the industry do to increase the adoption of IoT in the Pharma Manufacturing sector?
• How are other sectors leveraging IoT and emerging technology and what are the lessons for pharma?
• What specific technologies and innovations are paving the way for plant and factory floors, smart supply chains, and advanced robotics to supercharge
growth and efficiency in manufacturing
• What are the most important considerations when planning both greenfield and brownfield sites?
• How can we overcome challenges with IT and OT convergence?