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3 December 2024

London, UK

Integrating AI-driven technologies, advanced data systems, and interconnected lab ecosystems has the potential to enhance scientific outcomes, optimize resource allocation, enable data-driven decisions, accelerating innovation in life science R&D.

However, to creating smart, connected labs will require the right approach to navigate the complex challenges associated with technology integration, including cultural adaptation, interoperability with legacy systems, and workforce upskilling,while maintaining compliance and standardizing processes across diverse environments.

Join industry leaders in London this December to explore cutting-edge strategies and practical solutions for leveraging emerging technologies to create your lab of the future.

Learn From 2023 European Future Labs Experts

Ilaria Ferlenghi of GSK speaking at AMG World

Ilaria Ferlenghi

Associate Director, Head of Structural Microscopy, External RD


Pritesh Makwana of Reckitt speaking at AMG World

Pritesh Makwana

IT&D Senior Product Manager – Regulatory and Compliance IT&D (R&D)


Andreas Steinle of Roche Pharmaceuticals speaking at AMG World

Andreas Steinle

Digital Transformation Leader

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Oliver de Peyer PhD, Csci of MeiraGTx speaking at AMG World

Oliver de Peyer PhD, Csci

Automation Scientist


Laura Mahoney of Pfizer speaking at AMG World

Laura Mahoney

Senior Director, Pfizer Digital Manufacturing; QC Solutions Lead


Andrew Davies of Charles River Laboratories speaking at AMG World

Andrew Davies

Associate Director, Product Management, Software and Analytics

Charles River Laboratories

Anna Pickersgill of Reckitt speaking at AMG World

Anna Pickersgill

IT&D Senior Manager - Connected Labs


Samantha Pearman-Kanza P.h.D. of University of Southampton speaking at AMG World

Samantha Pearman-Kanza P.h.D.

Senior Enterprise Fellow, Pathfinder Lead & Researcher, Physical Sciences Data Infrastructure (PSDI)

University of Southampton

Gary Ritchie of CAI speaking at AMG World

Gary Ritchie

Principal Consultant


Daniel Juchli of SiLA Consortium speaking at AMG World

Daniel Juchli

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

SiLA Consortium

David Johnson of Domo speaking at AMG World

David Johnson

Director of Strategic Architecture


Álvaro Minguez of Roche speaking at AMG World

Álvaro Minguez

Product Manager - Lab Experience


Donna Francis of BioPhorum speaking at AMG World

Donna Francis

Business Transformation Consultant


Vanessa Jully of GSK speaking at AMG World

Vanessa Jully

Associate Director, TRD Automation Lead – Projects & Digital Sciences


Katharine Dolan Ph.D. of CAI speaking at AMG World

Katharine Dolan Ph.D.

European Director of Client Engagement - Life Sciences


Burkhard Schaefer of Splashlake speaking at AMG World

Burkhard Schaefer

Managing Director


Rosario Hughes-Kielty PhD of CAI speaking at AMG World

Rosario Hughes-Kielty PhD

Associate Director QC


Miriam Guest of Charles River Laboratories speaking at AMG World

Miriam Guest

Senior Principal Scientific Advisor

Charles River Laboratories

Ketan Pyne of Thales speaking at AMG World

Ketan Pyne

Solution Engineer


Samuel Munday of University of Southampton speaking at AMG World

Samuel Munday

Senior Research Assistant

University of Southampton

Patricia Wildberger of Takeda speaking at AMG World

Patricia Wildberger

Head of Pharm Sci Digital Transformation


Brian Crane of Thales Cloud Security speaking at AMG World

Brian Crane

Regional Sales Manager

Thales Cloud Security

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This summit will provide you with the necessary tools to:

    • Foster a digital culture and upskill your workforce to effectively balance technological advancements with human expertise in the lab of the future.


    • Leverage AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies to enhance scientific discovery, optimize workflows, and drive data-driven decision-making in labs.


    • Develop a comprehensive strategy for standardizing and scaling lab automation across different environments, including legacy systems


    • Navigate the complexities of multi-vendor integration and ensure seamless interoperability in connected lab environments.


    • Conduct an organisational assessment to evaluate and assess current capabilities to determine areas ripe for automation


    • Implement effective data management and governance practices to overcome silos, improve interoperability, and ensure FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) scientific research.


    • Create an integrated lab ecosystem that connects instruments, people, processes, and data for streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration.

Who you will meet:

VP’s, Directors, Global Heads and Managers of:

  • Automation/Robotics
  • R&D
  • LAB IT/Research IT
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Laboratory Operations & Strategy
  • Regulation, Compliance & Validation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Lab 4.0 / Industry 4.0
  • Digital Transformation
  • Emerging Technology / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)

Our sponsors, technology & solution providers include:

  • Laboratory Automation / Lab Digitalization
  • Robotics
  • E2E Automation Systems / Modular Automation Systems
  • Measuring & Testing
  • High Throughput Screening Tech/Liquid Handlers
  • Data & Analytics Platforms & Software
  • Report Generation Software
  • Laboratory Informatics / LIMS Systems
  • Automated Equipment & Apparatus
  • Automated Sample Storage Systems
  • Liquid Handlers
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • ELN
  • Voice Assistants
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sponsorship Opportunities

Get in touch to be positioned as an industry expert amongst the most prominent and influential players in the development of Robotics, IoT and AI/ML.

Our 2023 Sponsors

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Great interactive event indeed ; was pleased not only to attend but being able to share my own experience and meet colleagues and similarly interested people on the use of automation and AI/ML to accelerate drug development ! Thank you again for the event

Director R&D / GSK


Thanks for a great interactive event! Thanks for organising.

Senior IT Business Relationship Manager / Reckitt


It was a great meeting with lots to mull over. Thanks.

Director / AstraZeneca


It was great to participate in the panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for developing smart labs and industrial automation in sustainable manner. Thanks AMG for the invite.

Director, Head of Enabling Technology Development Group / Abbvie


Congratulations on conducting a great event! Many thanks for engaging me with it.

Director, Global Research (Biologics) / Amgen

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