4th Annual

Smart Labs Automation & Technology East

Optimizing Life Science Labs, Workflows, & Workforces with Disruptive Technology

20 May 2025

Boston, MA, USA

Top 20

US Pharma Organizations in Attendance


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Life science organizations continue to rapidly adopt automation, robotics, and disruptive technologies to enable optimal scientific discovery and innovation across Early Discovery, R&D, Clinical, Quality, and Analytical Labs.

In this competitive, fast-paced, and resource-intensive environment, transitioning towards intelligent, interconnected lab ecosystems is critical. It allows organizations to create digitally optimized workflows, reduce costs, accelerate timelines, increase collaboration, and develop groundbreaking medicines and treatments.

Successfully making this strategic digital transformation requires a clear vision and cultural willingness to change, sufficient resources and solutions, and engaged partners to overcome integration, implementation, user adoption, data, and legacy systems challenges.

Join industry experts in Boston this May as they collaboratively share insights to optimize life science labs, workflows & workforces with disruptive technology.

Expert Lab Automation & Technology 2024 Speakers

Rishi Mahajan of Regeneron speaking at AMG World

Rishi Mahajan

Lead R&D Automation Engineer


Jesse Mulcahy of Cellino speaking at AMG World

Jesse Mulcahy

Director, Head of Automation


Kalpesh Gupta of Moderna speaking at AMG World

Kalpesh Gupta

Director Research Automation


Olga Seltser of Sail Biomedicines / Harbinger Health speaking at AMG World

Olga Seltser

Head of Automation/ VP Automation

Sail Biomedicines / Harbinger Health

Ilja Kusters of Generate Biomedicines speaking at AMG World

Ilja Kusters

Associate Director, Assay Automation & Qualification

Generate Biomedicines

Samuel Mohler of Lab Automators speaking at AMG World

Samuel Mohler


Lab Automators

Charles Warren of FL85 (Flagship Pioneering) speaking at AMG World

Charles Warren

Associate Director, Head of Automation & Applied Engineering

FL85 (Flagship Pioneering)

Ishrat Jahan of Regeneron speaking at AMG World

Ishrat Jahan

Lead IT Engineer


Christopher Ng Thow Hing of Generate Biomedicines speaking at AMG World

Christopher Ng Thow Hing

Senior Scientist

Generate Biomedicines

Ellen Gualtieri of FORMULATRIX speaking at AMG World

Ellen Gualtieri

Global Product Manager


Catherine Heywood of FL97 – Flagship Pioneering speaking at AMG World

Catherine Heywood

Senior Principal Engineer, Automation Lead

FL97 – Flagship Pioneering

Erik Snow of Cellino speaking at AMG World

Erik Snow

Principal Automation Engineer


Jason Ekert of UCB speaking at AMG World

Jason Ekert

Head of US Discovery Translational Technology


William Murphy of IMCS speaking at AMG World

William Murphy

Regional Technical Sales Manager


Rita Vicaire of LRIG speaking at AMG World

Rita Vicaire

Executive Board Member


Mitch Adler of Spaero Bio speaking at AMG World

Mitch Adler


Spaero Bio

Dr Peter Maier of Splashlake speaking at AMG World

Dr Peter Maier

Head of Global Sales


Ozge Whiting PhD of Cellino speaking at AMG World

Ozge Whiting PhD

VP of Data and Machine Learning


Matt Humes of Beam Therapeutics speaking at AMG World

Matt Humes

Director, Head of Lab Automation

Beam Therapeutics

Burkhard Schaefer of Splashlake speaking at AMG World

Burkhard Schaefer

Managing Director


Lorianne Kwak of Cellino speaking at AMG World

Lorianne Kwak

Senior Associate Automation Engineer


Dr Andrew Lee of IMCS speaking at AMG World

Dr Andrew Lee

Chief Scientific Officer


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This summit will provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Streamlining R&D to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Enhance Workflows with Targeted Digitalization
  • Evaluating Use-Cases and Demonstrating ROI for Lab Automation, Technology and Robotics
  • Developing the Ecosystem, Identifying Resources and Cultivating the Mindset for Seamless Digital Transformation
  • Optimizing Lab Connectivity, Interoperability and FAIR Data Principles for Superior Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Leveraging Data Science and Emerging Technology to Propel the Future of Scientific Discovery and Innovation
  • Exploring the Influence of Empowerment and Collaborative Industry Engagement to Accelerate the Journey towards Labs of the

Who should attend:

VP’s, Directors, Heads and Managers from:

  • Automation / Robotics
  • R&D
  • Lab IT/ Research IT
  • Informatics
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Laboratory Operations & Strategy
  • Regulation, Compliance & Validation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Industry 4.0 / Lab 4.0
  • Emerging Technology / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML

Our sponsors include technology, service & solution providers specializing in:

  • Laboratory Automation / Lab Digitalization
  • Robotics
  • Informatics
  • Data & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
  • Cloud Computing
  • IoT Hardware, Software, Platforms, Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity

Event Partnership Opportunities


2024 Partners

2024 Media Partners


Senior Vice President Operations, Wise Construction

We really enjoyed the Future Labs Summit. It was certainly interesting and educational to hear the dynamic presenters speak to issues and challenges that are often outside of our life-cycle as a construction provider. We always strive to hear their day-to-day, as the context provide significant insight into the overall lab user objectives.

Optimize Laboratory Consultants

Thank you for the opportunity to work with AMG World and participate in the conference. We really enjoyed it and it was a great opportunity to mingle with the participants.

Senior Vice President Operations, Wise Construction

Diverse group of attendees. Enjoyable topics and dynamic presenters. Really enjoyed the day. It was unique to typical conferences I attend.

VP of Automation at Harbinger Health, Head of Automation at Laronde

Thank you for driving and planning this event. It drew the local laboratory automation community together for good and timely discussions, and I think everybody got something out of this day. Success!

Lead R&D Automation Engineer, Regeneron

The agenda was a mix of presentations, round table dialogues, panel discussions, and tech demonstrations. This diverse agenda allowed for a dynamic and interactive experience for all participants throughout the conference.

Senior Scientist, Assay Automation & Qualification, Generate Biomedicines

The event was well organized, engaging and interesting. Looking forward to next year’s summit!

Content Highlights

Envisioning, Developing, and Executing Our Journey Towards the Lab of the Future

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Making the Conscious Decision for Lab Innovation to Remain In-House

At our 2023 Future Labs, Automation & Technology Summit East, Ed Hudak, Senior Director Robotics, Pre-Clinical Development, Merck presented his insights into making the conscious decision for lab innovation to remain in-house: following the complex journey of developing and validating a scalable lab robotics platform. Complete the form to download the complimentary presentation

Complimentary Article: Developing the Next Generation of Data-Driven Smart Labs

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Complimentary Interview: Accomplishing Lab Digitalisation

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