Harnessing the Full Potential of Real-World Data and Evidence to Enhance Clinical Trial Design and Effectiveness

12 June 2024 | Online

11am-12pm EST / 4pm-5pm GMT

Using real-world data and evidence provides essential insights into the safety, effectiveness, and wider effects of therapies outside of controlled clinical settings. This is especially important in an era where precision medicine and patient-centred methods are becoming increasingly popular.

While RWE has a lot of potential, the industry must overcome perceptions from industry relating to randomization, data quality, and the potential for false results due to missing data.

This panel will discuss how to harness the full potential of RWD/RWE to drive innovation in clinical trial designs, to improve patient outcomes and advance healthcare delivery.

Learn From Our Panel of Clinical Trials Experts

Pranav Abraham of Sanofi speaking at AMG World

Pranav Abraham

Medical Evidence Strategy Leader, Global Medical Affairs, Rare Diseases


Amritanshu Kumar of Novartis speaking at AMG World

Amritanshu Kumar

RWE Group Lead


Abda Mahmood of GSK speaking at AMG World

Abda Mahmood

Associate Director, Value Evidence & Outcomes Europe


Yuwei Z of Paraxel speaking at AMG World

Yuwei Z

Director RWD/RWE


Marcus Lawrance of AstraZeneca speaking at AMG World

Marcus Lawrance

Director, Global Oncology Data Strategy


Topics to be addressed include:

  • Exploring the impact of data quality on real-world evidence to inform and enhance clinical decision-making
  • Implementing standardized data collection protocols to harmonize variations in patient demographics, including age, gender, ethnicity and geographical location
  • Aligning data collection with utilization goals to enhance data-driven decision-making
  • Developing advanced analytical frameworks to extract meaningful insights from complex real-world datasets
  • Incorporating RWE in early trial design to optimize trial procedures and enhance patient recruitment strategies
  • Implementing data federation techniques to integrate and access diverse real-world data sources and enhance the efficiency of data analysis

Who you will meet:

VPs, Directors, Global Heads of

    • Data, Data Science, AI, Analytics
    • Real World Evidence/ Real World Data
    • Statistics/Statistical Analysis/Quantitative Science
    • Clinical Innovation
    • Clinical Trials/Clinical Research/ Clinical Development
    • Clinical Monitoring/ Clinical Operations
    • Patient recruitment & Retention
    • Digital Strategy

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