About Us

AMG World is a disruptive business intelligence company that leverages innovative conference models and formats to connect supply chains and solve unique business problems.


Our events combine the experience, skills and knowledge from business leaders at the forefront of their respective industries that have actively solved or are working towards achieving industry standards.


AMG World exists to accelerate the performance of both individuals and organisations by facilitating interactive learning experiences via state-of-the-art, high-velocity, high-intensity business meetings, seminars and masterclasses.


Moving away from the typical presentation heavy conference model, we have flipped it on its head. Our events still offer services for learning, networking and sales opportunities but with a strong focus on collaborative discussions.


This approach allows our attendees to create their own agenda prior to the event and seek out those golden nuggets of information that often go un-answered. By putting their problems on the table and working through them as a group with their peers, competitors and partners, it provides multiple insights into problem solving.


The name AMG World is inspired by Sir David Brailsford, who is the former Performance Director of British Cycling and current General Manager of Team Ineos, a British professional cycling team.


AMG is the acronym for Aggregated Marginal Gains: a process of breaking down any discipline, sporting challenge or business function, into numerous discrete, constituent parts, and then improving each in order to yield the aggregated benefits of these endeavours.


Our philosophy is simple: We believe that an organisation is a sum of its parts, and by striving for excellence in every business process, you will achieve success.


Innovative Content

All our content is created specifically for the sectors that we serve – AMG World collaborates with an extensive network of thought-leaders who are innovators in their respective fields. All content is tailored to our audiences enabling us to deliver interactive forums which address specific business needs. We leave no stone unturned.


Creating Connections

At AMG World, we recognise that the most valuable information is often shared behind closed doors. Our events provide an opportunity to meet executives from around the world who are all facing similar challenges, creating a meaningful network of connections beyond AMG World’s events.


Interactive Formats

In addition to best-in-class business intelligence, AMG World also offers access to industry experts. Our events are specifically designed with collaboration in mind, creating a platform to solve unique business problems and meet specific objectives. Our strategy meetings, masterclasses and summits are the perfect opportunity to address the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Award Winning Company

AMG World are the proud winners of Most Innovative Events Company 2019 – UK at the CV Magazine 2019 Small Business Awards.


AMG World received this award because of the disruptive nature of their conference formats, creating experiences that are aligned to the unique needs of each customer. The advantage of taking this collaborative approach is that conference attendees can create their own agenda. This allows them to delve into the precise challenges they face and receive specific support from peers, and from experts in that field. While there is still potential for networking and sales opportunities, the focus remains on using the collective talent in the room to discuss and collaborate on any problems that may arise.


This pragmatic approach is intended to provide the necessary tools to meet business objectives and ensure that our clients get the information and assistance they require.


To maintain the highest quality, each conference is subject to rigorous testing before it even reaches the floor. Customer feedback is at the heart of our growth strategy, influencing the design of future conferences. This isn’t only to ensure that delegates, sponsors, speakers and partners feel like they have achieved their business objectives but also, so they talk positively about their interaction with the business throughout the conference lifecycle.


The aim is to deliver quality, connect people to real solutions and to accelerate the performance of customers.