Yuwei Zhang

Director RWD/RWE



Dr. Yuwei Zhang, with 20 years of experience harnessing real-world data (RWD) in healthcare, brings extensive expertise across providers, payers, pharma, and advocacy groups. She excels in data strategy, competitive intelligence, and has contributed to highly influential publications utilizing RWD. With experience in the US, China, and the Middle East, she has supported multiple facets of pharmaceutical operations, including Medical, Commercial, Clinical, and Regulatory. Additionally, Yuwei has served as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies in China, regularly speaks at universities, and participates in reviewing manuscripts, grant proposals, and books for esteemed medical journals. At Parexel, she pioneers innovative RWD analytics and employs data and digital advancements to promote patient-centered care. Notably, she has collaborated with distinguished thought leaders, achieving a 100% instructor rating from participants in designing and delivering successful short courses.

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