Tobias Gagern

CGO | CO-Founder



Tobias Gagern blends a solid foundation in Technology & Management from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with hands-on experience acquired at Volkswagen’s Smart Production Lab, where he earned his Master’s degree. As a co-founder of SYNAOS, he initially served as the CTO, dedicating himself to research and the foundational stages of development. His efforts were crucial in shaping the company’s technological ecosystem.Under his guidance, the engineering and development teams evolved into a high-performing unit, complemented by a senior management team set to steer SYNAOS’s future direction. In September 2023, Tobias assumed the role of Chief Growth Officer. This new position has him focusing on broadening SYNAOS’s footprint in Europe, spearheading market entry in the US, and cultivating strategic alliances with integrators. In his current capacity, Tobias is committed to applying his knowledge and skills to bolster SYNAOS’s market standing, supporting its impressive growth trajectory.

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