Smadar David

Smadar David Vanti Analytics

CEO & Co Founder

Vanti Analytics


Vanti is an end-to-end AI product for Manufacturers.

Using Vanti’s solution, manufacturers are able to predict and explain quality issues, detect defects and optimize their processes, all in real-time. With a self-service, no-code platform that allows training, deploying and maintaining ML-based models in production within just a day, manufacturers are meeting their AI scaling goals.


Holding a B.Sc.& M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and MBA, all from Tel-Aviv University.
Unit 81 Alumni, with over a decade of experience in leading engineering teams through full life cycles of opto-electro-mechanical systems.


Established and managed the MEMS group at Innoviz Technologies, responsible for the development of a cutting-edge MEMS scanning module from concept to serial-production.

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