Richard Snell

Director, Global Scientific Services



I joined GSK or more accurately GlaxoWellcome in 1999, while completed a part time degree in Applied Biology with Chemistry, following a short career break to see some of the world, I returned to the now GSK as a Bioanalyst, specialising in quantitative LC-MS, performing that function for a number years in different groups and stages of drug development. I then moved away from the lab into more of a leadership role managing a team scientists. In 2016 I returned to a lab based role more of a focus on large molecule analysis, and taking the opportunity to do a research based masters in CE-MS for quantitative analysis for mAbs, with a view to converting to a PhD, however and opportunity presented itself to take a director role in facilities management having responsibility for Scientific service provision at GSK pharma R&D site globally. I saw this not only as an opportunity for myself, but one to help all the scientists I had worked with over the years and help remove some of those peripheral tasks from them allowing them to focus on the task of developing medicines and giving time back to science.


Globasl scientific services, involves the strategy for providing science based service to the lab, end to end asset management for laboratory instruments, technical services, so entry level science positions, cell culture, media and reagents prep, chem management etc. As well as consumable management, other lab admin tasks, glass wash and autoclaving, lab gasses etc.

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