Lea De Rosa

Lea De Rosa Cabaletta Bio

Associate Director Lab Operations

Cabaletta Bio


Lea De Rosa has been working in the biotech industry since graduating from Drexel in 2014 and 2018 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MS in Biomedicine and Business, respectively.  They have been actively involved in the buildout and/or expansion of a variety of BSL 2/2+ lab spaces as well as implementing 5S components within ISO certified clean rooms. Lea has implemented both electronic and paper-based inventory, equipment, storage, and workflow management in organizations ranging from startups to fully commercialized products. They enjoy working directly with lab personnel to create a functional and safe working environment. Lea has moved on from the bench side of research, but the desire to be lab adjacent landed them within lab operations which is an overlooked, but crucial, component of the biotech industry. They are currently working at a startup and are involved in all aspects of “behind the scenes” lab management. Lea has proven themselves to be a crucial component in effective lab management. In my spare time, I enjoy going outdoors with my dog to go hiking and camping as well as making my own soap.

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