Kaili Chickering

Kaili Chickering Affini-T

Senior Lab Manager

Affini-T Therapeutics


Kaili has accumulated nearly 9 years of experience in lab operations, with a particular focus on biotech startups for the past 5 years. Throughout her professional journey, she has significantly broadened her expertise, initially handling essential aspects like inventory management, vendor selection, process implementation, permitting, and asset management in the laboratory setting. As time progressed, Kaili’s responsibilities expanded to encompass facility operations.

Kaili actively engaged in and led various initiatives, including facility design, capital project management, facility moves, and facility initialization and maintenance. These endeavors spanned across multiple states and coasts, granting her a diverse and extensive perspective.


Driven by a passion for biotech operations, Kaili aims to continue her career in this field, prioritizing safety and efficiency in all her endeavors. She finds great satisfaction in providing end users with comfortable and reliable operations, considering it the most rewarding aspect of her work. With enthusiasm, Kaili eagerly anticipates further professional growth within the realm of biotech operations

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