Florian Ammann-Teuscher

Sr Market Solutions Manager, Research & Development Solutions



With multiple years of experience in the global pharma industry, I am passionate about driving meaningful innovation by addressing challenges at their core. This passion originated during my studies at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where I did my master in mechanical engineering. The discipline taught me to focus on finding optimal solutions to complex problems often having multiple working solutions and therefore requiring different approaches. This requires a change of perspective and open collaboration with people from different backgrounds. Over the last few years I successfully used this key learning which helped me during numerous projects.

In one particular, which I initiated at Roche Diagnostics Int. Ltd. at Facility Management and Real Estate, where we are developing a strategy to track lab space utilization. This initiative aimed to optimize resource allocation and enhance process flow efficiency. During this project I not only needed to manage different approaches by numerous stakeholders, but also changed my perspective as well by relocating to Global Procurement at Genentech in South San Francisco.

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