Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen Odyssey Therapeutics

Executive Director, Facilities and Operations

Odyssey Therapeutics


Amanda Allen is a seasoned professional renowned for her unparalleled expertise in biotech infrastructure development and global laboratory management. With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, she has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing biotechnology by creating cutting-edge laboratory spaces and ensuring their efficient operations on a global scale. She has successfully overseen the planning, design, and construction of over 200,000 square feet of laboratory space, setting the gold standard for cutting-edge research environments. As a true global leader, Amanda has managed laboratories on an international scale, demonstrating her adaptability and expertise in diverse settings. Her role as a laboratory manager has taken her to various corners of the world, where she has seamlessly integrated best practices, optimized operations, and maintained the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Currently serving as the Executive Director of Operations at Odyssey Therapeutics, Amanda continues to set new benchmarks in laboratory management. Her operational acumen and unwavering commitment to quality have been instrumental in Odyssey Therapeutics’ quest to develop groundbreaking treatments that have the potential to change lives.

Amanda’s vision extends beyond the confines of individual laboratories. Through her pioneering initiative, LabOps Unite, she has created a global platform that transcends borders and unites laboratory professionals worldwide. This community-driven endeavor fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices on a global scale, further solidifying her position as a global catalyst for progress in the life sciences industry.

Amanda’s impact extends beyond the laboratory. She is a tireless advocate for diversity in biotechnology and is dedicated to empowering the next generation of Operations professionals. Her mentorship programs and educational initiatives have helped pave the way for aspiring professionals in the field.

With a legacy that includes the development of vast laboratory spaces, worldwide lab management, and the creation of LabOps Unite, she continues to shape the future of the industry. Her contributions have not only advanced scientific discovery but have also empowered professionals worldwide to reach greater heights in their work.

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