Panel Discussion: Embracing the Future of Lab Automation: Streamlining Life Science Discovery, Research & Development with Disruptive Technology

Time: 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Date: 6 December 2023 Block 3


Accelerated digital transformation is happening within pharma and biotech labs as organisations embrace automation, robotics, and digital tools. This panel
discussion will provide tips to unlock value from data-led, technology-supported scientific environments. Our panellists will reflect on the progress made, common
challenges faced, and how we can maintain momentum with lab innovation to create smart, connected, labs of the future.


  • Realising ROI: Taking a timely, structured, and scalable approach to lab automation for consistent incremental, compounding improvements
  • Organisational assessment and change management: Understanding existing lab capabilities, environment, history, politics, and talent to streamline digital
  • How can we simplify lab automation and remove intimidation associated with technology adoption and implementation?
  • Harmonisation and standardisation: Exploring the benefits and challenges of standardising lab automation, scientific data, systems, processes, and terminology
  • Enhancing scientific collaboration: Applying best practice methods to improve lab connectivity, managing open source vs closed source, and optimising
    interoperability across instruments, platforms, workflows and users
  • Exploring disruptive technology trends within discovery, research, and development: How can we remain ahead of the curve and what do we envision as the
    future of labs?
  • Evaluating the importance of developing collaborative partnerships: Interlinking academia, associations, users, and providers to help drive meaningful change


  • Ilaria Ferlenghi Associate Director, Head of Structural Microscopy, External RD - GSK
  • Oliver de Peyer PhD, Csci Automation Scientist - MeiraGTx
  • Andrew Davies Charles River LabsAndrew Davies Associate Director, Product Management, Software and Analytics - Charles River Laboratories
  • Samantha Kanza University of SouthamptonSamantha Pearman-Kanza P.h.D. Senior Enterprise Fellow, Pathfinder Lead & Researcher, Physical Sciences Data Infrastructure (PSDI) - University of Southampton
  • Pritesh Makwana IT&D Senior Product Manager – Regulatory and Compliance IT&D (R&D) - Reckitt
  • Miriam Guest Senior Principal Scientific Advisor - Charles River Laboratories
  • Daniel Juchli SiLADaniel Juchli Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - SiLA Consortium

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