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Global Director and Head of Data Sciences, Mars

The event was well conducted, and I had a great time networking with some high calibre practitioners. I found that a lot of the attendees resonated with the presentation because they are facing similar issues. Most conversations I had at lunch and even in the panels were around scaling technology effectively. Some great takeaways for… Read more »

Technology Fellow, XR

I do like that you keep the pace up. The quick cadence of the day is good. Very organized also. Food was good. Venue was good. Thank you for the coffee and pastries and lunch. Very nice touch. You do a lot it seems for your sponsors. Good visibility.


It was a great conversation.


“Excellent forum and thanks to all of the panellists for your perspective and insights. Great event.”


“It was a pleasure to participate and I hope our panel discussion was insightful to the attendees!”