.Category: Smart Manufacturing & Automation

Executive Director/CEO, WCMP

Your gatherings are always interesting because they do not reward passivity. Everyone is expected to actively participate and (usually) the leaders are there to learn as well. It makes for a very interesting day.

Technology Fellow, XR, WestRock

I do like that you keep the pace up. The quick cadence of the day is good. Very organized also. Food was good. Venue was good. Thank you for the coffee and pastries and lunch. Very nice touch. You do a lot it seems for your sponsors. Good visibility.

Mark Collman

The Future Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit was an extremely well run event, with great facilitators and good engagement across a number of manufacturers

Shaw Industries

An excellent way to interface with industry and discuss common struggles and solutions. You find tools and tricks in every single session

Rhett Dickinson

The Smart Manufacturing & Automation Summit provided great insight into smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. The sponsors were  extremely knowledgeable and engaged. I will take the insights back to my company as we continue to implement our IIOT strategy