.Category: Future Light Automotive

Weight Attribute Lead Engineer, Aston Martin Lagonda

Enjoyable platform unlike some events I have attended. Good amount of time to network and gain some interesting views and options from suppliers.  I was really impressed with the format and option to choose different discussions.

Anupam Vivek

I really enjoyed the day filled with good technical content which made business sense as well.  The conference / summit brought together leaders in the industry and everyone was quite open in sharing their knowledge.  I look forward to the next one where we can exchange developments in this rapidly evolving industry over the next… Read more »

Alan Seid

A diverse mix of experts in various fields joined the valuable discussions

James Truskin

I enjoyed the innovative format which had a good balance between discussion and networking sessions

Andrew Cunningham

The discussion format created an open dialogue that enabled the sharing and generation of innovative ideas.  The summit was an amazing opportunity to discuss lightweighting solutions with multidisciplinary experts

Jose Luis Galaviz

The summit was a great opportunity to share ideas, listen to other peers from the Industry, we all are working towards solutions for lightweighting of structures.

Glenn Daehn

Very knowledgeable group of people that you brought together.  Really outstanding.  The format worked with the group. One of the most thought-provoking and interactive conferences that I have participated in