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Jerry Kleinhenz

Excellent summit! The format was unique and very engaging and provided the opportunity to openly discuss the challenges facing the automotive industry with OEM engineers, academia and supplier partners.  Will definitely be back next year.

Christopher Ameel

There was a lot of good conversations and I met a lot of very good people in the industry

Sarma Garimella

I had a great time meeting , sharing and discussing among experienced and talented professionals on mutual interest topics of Downstream/Automation & Project execution

Mark Collman

The Future Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit was an extremely well run event, with great facilitators and good engagement across a number of manufacturers

Rhett Dickinson

The Smart Manufacturing and Automation Summit provided great insight into smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. The sponsors were  extremely knowledgeable and engaged. I will take the insights back to my company as we continue to implement out IIOT strategy

Emma Atkins

Interesting to discuss lightweighting opportunities with other key representatives in the automotive industry with valuable time to network.

Stuart Richards

Enjoyable platform unlike many events I have attended. Good amount of time to network and gain some interesting views and options from suppliers.

Jeff Foster

Great forums to exchange ideas and to look at the adaption of proven technology in new applications