.Category: Automotive

Alan Seid

A diverse mix of experts in various fields joined the valuable discussions

James Truskin

I enjoyed the innovative format which had a good balance between discussion and networking sessions

General Motors

Interesting discussion format filled with knowledgeable people

Andrew Cunningham

The discussion format created an open dialogue that enabled the sharing and generation of innovative ideas.  The summit was an amazing opportunity to discuss lightweighting solutions with multidisciplinary experts

Antonio Mercado

Great experience! So many different points of view and different approaches to solve common problems

Grove Automotive LCC

For me this was a great format to present and interact with professionals across the automotive range.  Good mix of OEM and Tier Suppliers.  Very interesting topics of discussion and good information exchange and feedback.  Interesting to learn the differences of large high volume OEM’s vs low volume niche and new energy vehicles.

Jerry Kleinhenz

Excellent summit! The format was unique and very engaging and provided the opportunity to openly discuss the challenges facing the automotive industry with OEM engineers, academia and supplier partners.  Will definitely be back next year.

Jose Luis Galaviz

The summit was a great opportunity to share ideas, listen to other peers from the Industry, we all are working towards solutions for lightweighting of structures.