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KCF Technologies

KCF Technologies offers the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable Machine Health Platform, backed by over two decades of experience. With a global presence spanning six continents and serving more than 700 unique locations, KCF Technologies has saved… Read more »

Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering, a pioneer in industrial automation solutions, has been driving innovation for over 55 years. With a strong focus on Smart Technology, we offer a wide array of sensors, measurement solutions, LED lighting and indicators, machine… Read more »


Photoneo enables a better world through Technology: We make workplaces safe by upgrading dangerous or annoying jobs with AI-powered robots. We feed the world by applying new technology to increase clean food output. We save lives by… Read more »


SYNAOS is revolutionizing intralogistics – and thus the way things are made, and goods are moved in warehouses. SYNAOS GmbH is a leading German company specializing in intralogistics software, digitizing, and automating processes in production facilities and… Read more »


MakinaRocks is a pioneering leader in enterprise AI software for the global manufacturing industry, driven by our mission to accelerate industries’ transition to AI. We offer an advanced enterprise MLOps platform that seamlessly streamlines the entire machine… Read more »

EMQ Technologies, Inc.

EMQ Technologies, Inc. (EMQ) is the world’s leading provider of open-source MQTT services for the Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple industries and verticals, including automotive and connected vehicles, with EMQX as its flagship product. Along with… Read more »

Copia Automation

Copia Automation

Copia Automation delivers modern developer tools for industrial automation. Built for automation and control engineering teams, Copia’s flagship offering provides Git-based source control for PLC programming. Copia’s robust version control, change visibility, and collaboration streamlines how industrial… Read more »