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Valuechain offers cutting-edge supply chain software solutions, enabling businesses to streamline operations, enhance supplier collaboration, and gain real-time insights into quality control and performance management. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing MRP/ERP systems, providing advanced forecasting, live… Read more »

Vision Intelligence

Vision Intelligence helps manufacturers to enhance productivity by providing continuous real-time insights on manual production operations leading to better training, fewer defects and reduced waste. Our product, VIOLET AI, uses leading-edge technology that can help a business… Read more »

Stratus Technologies

For leaders digitally transforming their operations in order to drive predictable, peak performance with minimal risk, Stratus ensures the continuous availability of business-critical applications by delivering zero-touch Edge Computing platforms that are simple to deploy and maintain,… Read more »


DocuPhase offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent financial solutions that create predictability, visibility, and efficiency for the back office of the CFO. DocuPhase’s solutions, including AP automation, financial document management, workflow automation, and payments, are designed to… Read more »


MakinaRocks is a pioneering leader in enterprise AI software for the global manufacturing industry, driven by our mission to accelerate industries’ transition to AI. We offer an advanced enterprise MLOps platform that seamlessly streamlines the entire machine… Read more »

EMQ Technologies, Inc.

EMQ Technologies, Inc. (EMQ) is the world’s leading provider of open-source MQTT services for the Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple industries and verticals, including automotive and connected vehicles, with EMQX as its flagship product. Along with… Read more »