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Optibrium develops intuitive software for small molecule design, optimization, and data analysis. Cerella™, the company’s proven AI, guides successful drug discovery, generating valuable insights from your data, whilst Inspyra™ combines your expert chemistry knowledge with the exploratory… Read more »

Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery and Development covers strategies and technologies related to pharmaceutical research and development and drug formulation. We report on innovative drug introductions and promising pipeline candidates from Big Pharma and smaller players, as well as relevant clinical… Read more »

Lab Bulletin

Now celebrating 13 years online, LabBulletin.com is a free online resource for scientists and laboratory personnel throughout the world providing up to date information on new laboratory products, laboratory automation, research, case studies and industry news. Lab Bulletin publishes four… Read more »

Drug Discovery News

DDN provides engaging stories about scientific breakthroughs that will help life science researchers develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for improving human health. Our content creators are scientists first; they came to us with PhD degrees and years of… Read more »

Life Science Review

Life Sciences Review

Life Science Review Magazine is a print and digital magazine with a total subscription of 124,000 qualified subscribers consisting of senior decision-makers from Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and Diagnostic space performing functions in Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing,… Read more »