.Speaker Group: Smart Manufacturing for Automotive 2024 Speakers

Suraj Visveswaraiya

Suraj Visvesh is a seasoned Digitalization and IIOT expert with a stellar background at Volvo Group and Rockwell Automation, spearheading smart manufacturing initiatives in the automotive sector. Suraj is also a Master’s student pursuing Information Systems and his expertise lies in driving technological innovation for Automotive companies and enable them to adopt Industry 4.0

Gerry Abbey

Gerry is Copia Automation’s Director of Product Marketing, focused on storytelling with data. Gerry has owned many B2B and B2C roles across software marketing over the last 15 years in both small and large organizations. Most recently, he spent two and half years at Plex Systems and Rockwell Automation, working in Product Marketing, Win-Loss, Competitive, and Analyst… Read more »

Adam Gluck

Adam was a founding engineer on Uber’s engineering strategy team, working on the company’s driver app and playing an instrumental role in redesigning Uber’s overall microservice architecture. Adam founded startup Copia with Matthew Lee on a mission to accelerate the digital revolution within US manufacturing. Adam and Matthew were recognized in 2022 on Forbes’ “30… Read more »

Fernando Bera

Fernando Bera is an Engineering Supervisor and Smart Factory Coordinator at ZF Transmissions in Gray Court with 30 years of experience in automotive and pharmaceutical companies. Fernando has a bachelor’s degree in automation engineering with MBA in Manufacturing Management and Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Fernando’s many accomplishments include Industry 4.0 projects implementation, operation cost… Read more »

Tazeen Hossain

Tazeen Hossain is a Digital Product Manager in the automotive industry, specializing in bringing digital manufacturing use cases to life for the factory. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she has spent her career to working in and around manufacturing and process engineering in various industries. Her expertise lies at the intersection of manufacturing, data… Read more »