.Speaker Group: Future Labs Automation & Technology Europe 2022 Speakers

Sean McDonnell

Sean McDonnell Benchling

Sean McDonnell is a Scientific Solutions Consultant at Benchling where he helps customers solve complex data and process challenges allowing them more time to focus on Biotechnological research and development. Prior to joining Benchling he had roles at SciBite, an ontology-led NER and machine learning technology company, and as the European Principle for Medidata’s Data… Read more »

Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner Benchling

Jamie Turner is a Solutions Consultant Leader at Benchling where he helps customers unlock the power of biotechnology. Prior to joining Benchling, he was an R&D scientist at Pfizer and worked in Project Delivery Roles for Central Laboratory Services and Clinical Research.

Jo Stevens PhD

Jo Stevens leads a team in the antibody development department at Roche Diagnostics. He is responsible for defining and implementing automation and digitalisation projects across the department. He has a background in both AI/ML and biomedicine. After his PhD in Neuroimmunology, he went as a postdoc at Roche Diagnostics. At Roche Diagnostics, he is implementing… Read more »

Maximilian Wiens

Maximilian Wiens founded Synefex in 2019 and has been Managing Director since then. In this role, he focuses on laboratory data integration, data analytics, digital transformation, and value-added scenarios around IT in laboratories.   Previously, he worked as a project manager for cloud solutions and enterprise cloud architect, in research as a bioinformatician and is… Read more »

Robert Klein

Robert Klein Roche

Robert drives digitization as a team lead for custom applications and data platforms at Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim, Germany. He has a background in bioinformatics, holds a PhD in computational chemistry and has always been fascinated by interdisciplinary collaboration. His experiences in research and development as well as agile IT projects spanning several business areas… Read more »

Ilaria Ferlenghi

Her scientific interests are currently focused on the correlation between bacterial and viral surface protein structures and their functionality. She contributed to the development of the “Structural Vaccinology”, a new approach that allows, starting from the knowledge of the three-dimensional structure, obtained by a multidisciplinary structure-based approach where cryo-electron microscopy plays a key role, to… Read more »

Samantha Pearman-Kanza P.h.D.

Samantha Kanza University of Southampton

Dr Samantha Pearman-Kanza is a Senior Enterprise Fellow at the University of Southampton. She is a Pathfinder Lead on Process Recording for the Physical Sciences Data Infrastructure (PSDI) Initative. She coordinates the AI 4 Scientific Discovery Network (AI4SD – www.ai4science.network) run out of Southampton, and the Future Blood Testing Network (www.futurebloodtesting.org) run out of Reading…. Read more »