.Speaker Group: Lab Facilities 2022 Speakers

Paul Janssenswillen

Paul JanssenswillenCBRE’s Integrated Laboratory Solutions

Paul Janssenswillen    Head of Scientific Projects   CBRE’s Integrated Laboratory Solutions    Paul Janssenswillen is CBRE’s Head of Scientific Projects for the Life Sciences Integrated  Laboratory Solutions team. Paul is a chartered architect, with 30 years’ experience working  in the design, engineering, construction and validation of life science facilities. Paul also has  a wide technical and managerial experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology  industries, with the last 10 years being entirely focused on R&D organizational,  transformational laboratory design and facility portfolio change   

Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen Odyssey Therapeutics

Amanda Allen is a seasoned professional renowned for her unparalleled expertise in biotech infrastructure development and global laboratory management. With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, she has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing biotechnology by creating cutting-edge laboratory spaces and ensuring their efficient operations on a global scale. She has successfully overseen… Read more »