.Speaker Group: Lab Facilities 2023 Speakers

Daniel O’Connell

Responsible for the Facilities Operations in both and R&D and Manufacturing settings.  This includes solvent management, plant operations, lab & process equipment lifecycle management, manufacturing and lab infrastructure equipment maintenance, lab support activities (Glasswash, VMI, buffer preparations).

Steve Heffner

Steve Heffner, National Sales Director: CrossLab Services, has been with Agilent’s CrossLab Services group since 2010.  Steve leads a sales channel that is responsible for connecting clientele with Agilent’s best-in-class laboratory support services, focused on a paradigm of Asset Performance Management, combining future-leaning digital solutions with consultative expertise to optimize laboratory operations efficiency and effectiveness.

David Gould

David Gould has over 25 years of experience in the software industry and a broad background in product management, product marketing, market research, and software engineering for a range of industries, including database systems, multimedia consumer devices, and on-premise cloud services. Most recently, as the Senior Product Manager at Kaon Interactive, David has led the… Read more »

Lea De Rosa

Lea De Rosa Cabaletta Bio

Lea De Rosa has been working in the biotech industry since graduating from Drexel in 2014 and 2018 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MS in Biomedicine and Business, respectively.  They have been actively involved in the buildout and/or expansion of a variety of BSL 2/2+ lab spaces as well as implementing 5S… Read more »