.Speaker Group: Lab Facilities 2023 Speakers

Ryan Lesko

Ryan Lesko is a seasoned Regional Sales Manager at Dickson, dedicated to delivering unparalleled environmental monitoring solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of biotech, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences clients. With over six years of experience in Life Sciences, he specializes in serving cutting-edge segments such as CAR-T, CRISPR/Cas-9, and mRNA. Ryan has consistently… Read more »

Brian Kerslake

Brian Kerslake is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the life sciences market, currently serving as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dickson. With over 8 years in this role, he has played a pivotal role in integrating wireless monitoring, communication, and internet technologies to provide real-time information and advanced cold chain management… Read more »

Stephanie Terrizzi

With over 20 years of experience in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Steph Terrizzi brings a diverse background in laboratory and business operations, immunology and oncology research, and core facility management to her current role as Senior Manager of R&D Oncology Lab Operations at Takeda. She plays a key role in driving operational excellence and… Read more »

Florian Ammann-Teuscher

With multiple years of experience in the global pharma industry, I am passionate about driving meaningful innovation by addressing challenges at their core. This passion originated during my studies at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where I did my master in mechanical engineering. The discipline taught me to focus on finding optimal solutions to complex problems often… Read more »

Stephanie DeLuca

Stephanie DeLuca brings a solid background in managing various laboratory projects, ranging from simple one-room renovations to more extensive multi-building campus-based initiatives. Her experience includes both new and renovated facilities. Stephanie’s expertise lies in navigating the complexities of these projects, ensuring smooth operations and successful outcomes, all while providing thoughtful design solutions.

Greg Lundell

With over 20 years of experience, Greg Lundell’s equipment expertise spans laboratory operations, production facility design, and quality and regulatory management across various life science sectors. He specializes in architectural and engineering design and construction support; procurement, budgeting, and installation support; qualification protocols; validation services; move management; and asset onboarding. His versatile skillset enables him… Read more »

Katherine Relihan

Katherine Relihan is currently Lab Operations Manager, Cell Therapy since 2021.  Prior to Takeda she has 15 years as a Chemist and Manager of a Small Molecule Manufacturing lab.  Expertise in change management and cross functional sustainability initiatives.

Mark Brassard

Mark Brassard is the Director of Biopharma and Strategic Engagement at PHC Corporation of North America. He possesses a wealth of experience in the biotech industry and specializes in delivering captivating presentations on medical research laboratory equipment, focusing on energy efficiency, CO2 avoidance and sequestration equivalencies, and scope 1-2-3 emissions. His presentations are known for… Read more »

Joe LaPorte

Joe LaPorte is the Chief Innovation Officer at PHC Corporation of North America. Joe has over 30 years of international experience in the field of cold and warm chain management and ultra-low refrigeration in both the engineering and development side. He has served on the Energy Star stakeholder committee for Lab Grade Products and currently… Read more »