.Speaker Group: Future Labs Automation & Technology West Summit 2023 Speakers

Anusha Chaparala

Dr. Anusha Chaparala received her doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of South Carolina and did her postdoctoral work at Northwestern University on drug resistance in ovarian cancer. Currently the Regional Technical Sales Manager for Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS), she focuses on helping scientists implement IMCStips®, an automated tip-based technology for high-throughput micro-purification… Read more »

Mike Berke

Mike Berke has spent the last 20 years developing novel lab automation software and hardware in the Research and Automation Technologies department at Amgen. Projects have focused on opportunities where there are no commercially available solutions: instrumentation for unique processes, integrations of novel hardware into existing systems, firmware and software to control devices and integrations,… Read more »

Amandeep Nijjar

Amandeep Nijjar is the Associate Director of Sample Management at Cytokinetics. His responsibilities include the management of all small molecule compounds and lab automation infrastructure. His passion and current goal is to automate all of the groups workflows to allow for a more seamless process that can be monitored remotely. Amandeep’s end goal is to… Read more »

Arthur Escobar

Arthur Escobar is a Senior Automation Engineer at Harbinger-Health. He is experienced in working in fast-paced startup Biotech organizations, with a focus in onboarding integrated platforms for both linear and branched processing workflows. With his background working in both clinical and R&D labs, Arthur provides technical expertise in automating workflows that support AI model training,… Read more »

Mostafa Bagheri

Mostafa Bagheri currently holds the position of Senior Robotics & Control Engineer at Johnson and Johnson, where his primary focus lies in the development of the Ottava surgical robotic system. In addition to this role, he has previously served as the Chief Technology Officer at NXT Robotics Corporation and worked as a Roboticist at Vicarious… Read more »

Liam Robinson

Liam Robinson is the Director of Facilities Operations for Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, California. Liam has over 40 years of experience in automation and facility management of a variety of Labs in the private and academic setting. This includes Medical and Biotech R&D.