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Peter Henstock

Peter Henstock is the Machine Learning & AI Lead at Pfizer and based in greater Boston. His work has focused at the intersection of AI, visualization, statistics and software engineering applied mostly to drug discovery but more recently to clinical trials. Peter holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Purdue University along with 6 Master’s… Read more »

Jarrod Anderson

From global supply chains, manufacturing, transportation, and commodity trading, to the human microbiome and food ingredients, Jarrod leads a team of brilliant artificial intelligence engineers and data scientists who develop game-changing technology solutions. Jarrod and his team are developing new technologies that will transform our understanding of how people eat, farm, manage their health, work,… Read more »

John Baker

John Baker Merck

John Baker is currently Executive Director, Manufacturing Data & Analytics at Merck providing  leadership in the areas of master data management, enterprise systems stewardship, advanced  analytics and AI/Machine Learning/Automation value delivery projects.  John brings a broad cross– functional background which includes almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry  across IT, Finance, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain in both local market and global  strategic roles.  He has deep experience in IT, financial planning & analysis, forecasting, demand  planning, supply planning, and AI/Machine Learning capabilities.  He also served as Chief of Staff for  the President of Merck Manufacturing where he led world class supplier improvements and  transformational safety initiatives.  John holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute  of Technology and MBA in Finance from Rutgers Graduate School of Business. 

Michael Cavaretta

Michael Cavaretta

Michael Cavaretta is an Analytics Executive at Ford, having had multiple roles in Global, Insights, Data and Analytics (GDIA). Since joining in the organization 2015, he’s worked in connected vehicles, analytics infrastructure, customer data and manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition to leading analytics teams, he has managed large IT projects of… Read more »