.Speaker Group: AI Manufacturing VRT 2022 Speakers

Josef Kriegmair

Josef Kriegmair MTU Aero Engines

Josef Kriegmair works as Representative Production Turbine Blade / Structure Castings at MTU Aero Engines AG Center Production.   Since 2010, his main task has been the development and implementation of digital process chains and manufacturing intelligence systems for turbine blades and structure castings. Prior to that, he was in production engineering with a focus… Read more »

Smadar David

Smadar David Vanti Analytics

Vanti is an end-to-end AI product for Manufacturers. Using Vanti’s solution, manufacturers are able to predict and explain quality issues, detect defects and optimize their processes, all in real-time. With a self-service, no-code platform that allows training, deploying and maintaining ML-based models in production within just a day, manufacturers are meeting their AI scaling goals…. Read more »

Kate Ardnt

Kate Ardnt Vanti Analytics

Kate Arndt is an Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer, with a passion for innovation. She believes that artificial intelligence and machine learning provides limitless opportunities to empower almost every industry’s evolution.   Her interests, as well as her 10 years of education and experience in manufacturing, have brought her to Vanti Analytics- where she is responsible… Read more »

Anthony Huffman

With over 19 years of manufacturing transformation experience in Electronic Solutions, Medical Device, and Aerospace & Defense industries, Tony leads Enterprise Architecture Strategy for Industry 4.0 at Koch Industries. During his tenure at Koch and Molex, Tony has established cutting edge smart manufacturing, operational excellence, and digital supply chain capabilities in more than 20 manufacturing… Read more »

David Corliss

With more than 20 years analytics experience in the auto industry, Dr. David Corliss leads the Data Science Center of Excellence at Stellantis – North America. With expertise in both academic and industrial settings, he supports turning the latest scientific developments into practical plant floor solutions to drive value in the automotive industry. Corliss is active… Read more »