Warren B. Smith

Sr. Principal Systems Engineer and Digital Twin Principal Investigator

General Dynamics Mission Systems


Warren B. Smith is a Sr. Principal Systems Engineer at General Dynamics Mission Systems, and the Principal Investigator for the company’s Digital Ecosystem investments.  In this role, he is leading a cross-functional team building the Digital Thread of design-to-manufacturing information across Manufacturing, Engineering, and IT.  For the past three decades, he has developed innovative techniques to dramatically increase engineering productivity in a variety of contexts. Warren owned a private model-based systems engineering (MBSE) company for 10 years, pioneering re-use strategies and agile Systems Engineering techniques.  Before joining GDMS in 2018, Warren worked on helicopters, military vehicles, spacecraft, and amusement park attractions.  He has been a university extension instructor, and developed GDMS’ “Systems Engineering” course, now taught across multiple General Dynamics business units. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Warren lives with his family in Pittsfield, MA

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