Vino Kingston

Data Transformation Strategy & Integration Sr. Manager

Lockheed Martin


Vino Kingston is a recognized Data, Digital & Decision Intelligence leader with 29 years working in Fortune 10 companies leading and managing decision intelligence and automation practices. His background in Instrumentation & Control Engineering provided him early on exposure to Industrial Internet in the form of Process Control & Automation. Working in real time systems and enabling decision making for plant operations made Vino passionate about workflow automation in business operations. He is well versed with data and its criticality for business success. He has established business success-oriented data strategy to bring data, business processes, applications together and implemented the strategy using lean and agile processes, best fit technologies, high performing teams to provide data integration, data management, data governance, self-service analytics, data science capabilities. Vino led large teams in major data analytics transformation projects that delivered hundreds of millions USD in value by improving decision making capabilities in tactical and strategic business scenarios.


With many years of experience in data management, decision intelligence, and digital transformation, Vino is a Data Transformation Strategy & Integration Leader at Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies. ┬áHis mission is to help Lockheed Martin achieve higher data maturity and contribute to its Model Based Enterprise vision, by strategizing on data technologies and capabilities, integrating the work through Lockheed’s Digital Transformation program, and fostering a culture change. Vino has successfully established enterprise data governance and management programs, implemented modern data storage, security, and governance solutions, and enabled real-time decision making with advanced analytics and automation

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