Valery Polyakov

Executive Director, Head of Chemistry

Meliora Therapeutics


Valery Polyakov is an Executive Director of Chemistry at Meliora Therapeutics. He works in the field of AI and Machine Learning leveraging Big Data to facilitate drug discovery. He also oversees computational infrastructure development for the needs of Chemistry. Prior to that, he worked at SUTRO biopharma and Novartis, developing new drugs for treating cancer and infectious diseases. A compound that he co-invented is now in Phase II of clinical trials. Before that, he worked for Sanofi in molecular modeling and chemoinformatics groups. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Kiev Tshevchenko University (Ukraine) and prestigious awards including the Fulbright Scholarship. Valery authored more than 36 published papers and 22 issued patents or published patent applications. In his free time Valery plays underwater hockey, underwater rugby, and freedives.


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