Sumesh Kalappurakal

Sumesh Kalappurakal Johnson & Johnson

Head, Methodology & Innovation, Clinical & Statistical Programming

Johnson & Johnson


Sumesh Kalappurakal, Heading Methodology and Innovation team within clinical and statistical programming in Janssen R&D.


Sumesh has been with Janssen R&D since 2005 and led a Medical Affairs programming team for more than 12+ years.   In his current role, Sumesh and his team working are on Innovative solutions using open-source platforms (R and Python) in building methodologies, standards and web applications using open-source platform to support portfolio needs in clinical and statistical programming functions.  His team also engaged in more advanced automation techniques using NLP, AI/ML along with RPA to bring efficiency in the clinical trial operational space.


Sumesh and his team are working on a strategy in implementing open-source platform (“R”) as an additional analytical platform for all clinical study submission activities for clinical and statistical programming teams.  Sumesh is passionate about wearable technology, collecting real-time data and doing advance analytics for real-time decision making.

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