Rincy Raju

System Architect Specialist

Dana Inc.


Rincy Raju works as System Architect Specialist for Cybersecurity in Dana Inc. She is a UL Certified Cybersecurity Professional (UL-CCSP) in Automotive. She leads several cybersecurity activities in the Dana Light Vehicles division such as threat modeling, cybersecurity risk analysis, helping design organizational processes and guidelines aligned with ISO/SAE 21434, technical security concepts and post-development cybersecurity requirements for Dana and various OEMs.

Additionally, she has expertise in Functional Safety, which complements Cybersecurity in several aspects. She has over 16 years of industry experience in gasoline, diesel, electric and fuel cell powertrains and is currently working on drivetrain equipment for passenger vehicles.

One of her focus areas is security in manufacturing, which poses several challenges for systems like Electric Drive Units due to their complexity and widely distributed supply chains.

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