Remedios Hernández

Continuous Improvement Specialist



My name is Remedios Hernández, and I am a Continuous Improvement Specialist at Kellanova. My areas of speciality are OEE Sources of Loss and Problem- Solving methodologies. With 20 years of experience in the Food Industry, I have had the opportunity to work in various departments, including Logistics, Operations, Finance, and Scheduling. However, my true passion lies in Continuous Improvement, particularly in Capability Building within our workforce.

Throughout my career, I have pursued numerous qualifications, but it was during my Green Belt Six Sigma certification that I rediscovered my love for statistics. The concepts of Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Capability Analysis, and Process Modelling have revealed a wealth of opportunities for those willing to explore them further.

I am an avid reader with a passion for learning new things and find great joy in sharing knowledge.

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