Olga Seltser

Head of Automation/ VP Automation

Sail Biomedicines / Harbinger Health


Olga brings over 20 years of experience in building out laboratory automation and integrated solutions in the life sciences laboratories.  Prior to the two Flagship Pioneering companies that Olga is currently growing the infrastructure for, Olga built and operationalized state-of-the-art automation at Intellia to pave their way to success in the clinic.  She had successfully automated a diverse scope of workflows for various modalities in the industry such as small molecules, CRISPR-based technologies, eRNA and clinical diagnostics ranging from semi-automated workstations to fully integrated robotic systems.  Olga’s background is in biomedical engineering brings a unique blend of science, medicine and engineering.  Her creativity, innovation, and passion for breaking status quo is well known in the close-knit community of life sciences automation experts and paves the way to redefine what’s possible.

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