Miles Alexander Welbourn

Senior Associate Digital Health Technology



Miles Welbourn is a biomedical engineer by training, and he is an expert in biomechanics and wearable biosensors. He works as the technical lead for the Pfizer Innovation Research Lab in Cambridge, MA as part of a multidisciplinary team often comprised of clinicians, research scientists, data scientists, and engineers to develop and validate precise and accurate digital endpoints for therapeutic clinical trials. His role is to manage and supervise the technical operations for the “PfIRe” lab, where he has a key role in testing and validating the performance of various wearable biosensors and developing algorithms to generate digital endpoints relevant to many conditions. In addition, he supports other teams within Pfizer that want to use these technologies in their own clinical trials. For the last 3 years he has been working in several clinical trials of different scales and scopes, from small noninterventional studies with healthy subjects in the PfIRe lab space, to large international trials and fully decentralized domestic clinical trials. He is passionate about using advanced medical wearables to make the treatment and research of disease more effective, equitable, and patient-centric.

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