Mara Peccianti

Mara Peccianti GSK

Tech Product Director- Scientific Platforms and Tech R&D Site Head



Her scientific interests are currently focused on the digitization and digitalization of the Vaccines discovery field.She contributed to the development of many digital innovative initiatives to accelerate the discovery process of new vaccine targets identification and characterization, by leveraging edge technologies.Mara received her university degree in Information Engineering and Automation and completed her master in Bioinformatic as best in class in 2005, from the University of Siena (Italy).She recently co-led and enabled the development of GEMINI: a pioneer multi-disciplinary approach enabling and superpower the structural biology field, with the aim to accelerate the identification of new antigens and enable a faster end-to-end Vaccines Discovery and Development phases.She is passionate in the continuous improvement and scouting of new technologies that can have a significant impact on scientific productivity, by increasing the provision of scientific information and insights​ to the scientific community.Mara is also an active leader in the Women in STEM program in Pistoia Alliance.

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